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MULTIMEDIA TEACHER PACKAGE Protozoa Basic Package of 8 items

Basic Package of 8 items, 1004334 [W13722], Német
Basic Package of 8 items, 1004334 [W13722], Német
53 848,00 Ft
Comprising: 8 Microscope Slides in Plastic Box, 4 OHP
Color Transparencies, 8 Sketch- and Worksheets,
Brochure with explanatory text, Special cardboard box

1. Amoeba proteus, showing nucleus and pseudopodia
- 2. Paramaecium, a ciliate found in hay
infusions - 3. Euglena, a common green flagellate -
4. Ceratium, dinoflagellates - 5. Vorticella, a staked
ciliate. - 6. Radiolaria, different forms - 7. Monocystis,
sporozoa in earthworm seminal vesicle - 8. Trypanosoma,
blood flagellate causing sleeping sickness,
blood smear

The teacher packages comprise all necessary media for classroom work:
1. Set of selected prepared microscope slides in plastic box. Prepared Microscope Slides are made in our
laboratories under rigourous scientific control. They are the product of long experience combined with the most
up to date techniques.
2. Set of overhead transparencies, large size, full color. Overhead Transparencies immediately show, on the
screen, the details of the specimen required for demonstration at the most suitable magnification. The student
subsequently finds it easier to locate the relevant part of the microscopic slide under the microscope. The
transparencies are printed by a special process and excel by reason of their high projection quality.
3. Set of sketch- and worksheets with drawings for all slides. The Sketch- and Work Sheets serve to facilitate
seeing his way through the prepared microscope slides and finding the detail important in the lesson. They start
processes of learning and understanding by comparing microscope slides with the diagrammatic drawings, thus
to identify and label the details relevant in the lesson. They allow completing or colouring the drawings according
to own observations, and finally the sheets can be used for tests. Teacher may take photocopies of the sheets for
the number of students.
4. Textbook with detailed description of all slides, drawings and transparencies. The Textbooks are intended to
help you make more effective use of our teaching material both in the classroom and during individual study.
They provide a description of the morphological structures involved, making it considerably easier to look for and
find the relevant spots in the microscope slides. They also furnish information regarding systematic and
physiological relationships and general biological principles, as well as stimulating classroom interpretation and
didactic use of the observations made.
5. Special cardboard box for storing and packing
Kódszám: 1004334 [W13722]
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