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Greenhouse Effect Kit (230 V, 50/60 Hz)

Greenhouse Effect Kit (230 V, 50/60 Hz), 1000837 [U8460500-230], Üvegházhatás

Greenhouse Effect Kit (230 V, 50/60 Hz)

156 972,00 Ft

A set of equipment permitting quick and easy experiments to demonstrate the effect of greenhouse gases on the absorption of infra-red radiation.
Solar radiation received by the earth is simulated here by means of short-wave infrared radiation that is attenuated by absorption in water and visible light from a reflector lamp. Infra-red radiation emitted by the earth is simulated by heating a black metal disc. Both types of radiation are made to pass through air or butane gas in a metal tube and subsequently registered with a thermopile. Comparison of the obtained values reveals that long-wave infra-red radiation is absorbed to a high degree by butane gas. Consequently butane gas released into the atmosphere causes it to heat up, i.e. butane gas is a greenhouse gas.

1 Base plate
1 Lamp holder with reflector lamp
1 Cuvette on stem
1 Black metal disc
1 Metal tube, simple
1 Metal tube, with taps
2 Mounting stems
1 Silicone hose
1 Storage case
Moll-féle hősugárzás szenzor, 1000824 [U8441301], Üvegházhatás
122 301,00 Ft
Termék adatok
Kódszám 1000837 [U8460500-230]
Súly 2.239 kg
Márka 3B Scientific
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